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Classes are organised to host a maximum number of 4 individuals. Please make sure you wear comfortable clothing and keep in mind that we train barefoot. Classes are held on weekdays during the summer season. It is your choice to register by class or to register through any of Iah's packages.



Thursdays: 08:00 am - 9:30 am

Wudang Neijia refers to the three internal martial arts styles practised at Wudang, Xingyi Quan, Taiji Quan, Bagua Zhang.

Those three internal martial styles compose the Wudang Gong Fu method. The lessons offered will be well suited for Beginner Level. You will be able to train your awareness on body mind coordination, inner strength and flexibility. Footwork, kicks, stretching, power manifesting and basic stances are all exercises to invest our time and effort in, as a start. Strength training is also necessary, and it is in Iah's intention to have an easy yet persistent approach to it.

The discipline is passed on from Wudang Gong Fu and Health Academy ( in Wudang Mountain area in Hubei province, China. Having lived, trained and studied with Master Tang Li Long, 15th generation Master of Xuan Wu Pai and being one of his most committed students, Maii is dedicated to transmitting what she learns and keeps on discovering. 



Sundays & Tuesdays 08:00 am - 09:30 am

Qi Gong is a Chinese term that literally translates to life force Work. The word Qi refers to the life force that fills the universe inside out. Within our Qi gong practise we learn to feel Qi first in order to know how to work with it for our benefit to bring about wellness and vibrance to our body, mind and spirit. Although Qi Gong has been developed by many different schools and individuals, surely took different forms of movement, yet the essence remain the same. Here in Iah we learn to be gentle with our approach to the practice, to deepen our internal individual maps and references through different traditional Chinese methods of Qi Gong. In IAH we follow two schools of Qi Gong that highly complement each other. YMAA offers us great teachings of the 5 Animals sport and 5 stages of conditioning; conditioning the body, conditioning the breath, conditioning the Qi, conditioning the mind and finally conditioning the spirit. Wudang's Xuan Wu Pai lineage helps us connect to Wu Xing Qi Gong also embodying 5 animals, and Hui Chun Qi Gong. Standing pillar meditation. 

Taiji Quan is an ancient internal boxing style that is said to have been discovered by Zhang San Feng, a legendary Daoist monk. Zhang San Feng is said to have discovered Taiji Quan through watching, some say imagining, a crane and a snake in a deadly combat. Each part would display certain specific principles of movement, which inspired a further integration of the philosophy of Yin and Yang. Yin and Yang are two polarities that act together and play out through in our reality. Through Taiji Quan we learn to navigate those two polarities and learn about their natural relationship. Our awareness becomes heightened, with practise we develop sensitivity and internal strength, it also sharpens our sense of opponent and ability to adapt smoothly.

Taiji Quan practise helps you focus on the present moment. Among its many benefits, this class helps improve numerous aspects of your life including the ability to adapt, just like water. It requires a lot of dedication and humility, as it takes time to dive deeper and deeper into this magical method. Taiji Quan is a beautiful language of truth, enhancing your relationship with your feeling, helping you with grounding yourself amidst challenges. It is a method that deepens your understanding of natural laws. Naturally all of this affects your physical and mental health positively.



Sundays & Tuesdays: 4:15 pm - 5:15 pm

This is a fun space for kids to practise Wudang Gong Fu and Muaythai Chaiya. They learn a lot and in a fun yet disciplined approach. Sundays are for Wudang Martial arts and Tuesdays are for Muaythai Chaiya which is Thai Ancient Boxing.

Classes: Classes
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