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Classes are organised to host a maximum number of 4 individuals. Please make sure you wear comfortable clothing and keep in mind that we train barefoot. Classes are held on weekdays during the summer season. It is your choice to register by class or to register through any of Iah's packages. Classes are also done one-on-one, get in contact to reschedule your private session.

Classes: Classes

Sunday: 05:00 pm - 6:30 pm

Wudang Neijia refers to the three internal martial arts styles practised at Wudang, Xingyi Quan, Taiji Quan, Bagua Zhang.

Those three internal martial styles compose the Wudang Gong Fu method. The lessons offered will be well suited for Beginner Level. You will be able to train your awareness on body mind coordination, inner strength and flexibility. Footwork, kicks, stretching, power manifesting and basic stances are all exercises to invest our time and effort in, as a start. Strength training is also necessary, and it is in Iah's intention to have an easy yet persistent approach to it.

The discipline is passed on from Wudang Gong Fu and Health Academy ( in Wudang Mountain area in Hubei province, China. Having lived, trained and studied with Master Tang Li Long, 15th generation Master of Xuan Wu Pai and being one of his most committed students, Maii is dedicated to transmitting what she learns and keeps on discovering. 

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