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Thai Massage helps the recipient maintain health and wellness, it is an ancient tool used to combat ailments, increase the effectiveness of body movement and benefit the physiological system. It also helps in longevity due to strengthening of the body's immune system and an overall balance of life energy. Thai Massage can also relieve pain, sprains and inflammation of the muscles, tendons and joints, as well as reduce stiffness of the joints,increase muscle strength and improve mobility. 

Thai Massage Therapy is offered through one on one sessions with Maii Waleed, Thai Massage Therapist certified by the Thai government, being a graduate of Thai Massage School of Chiang Mai, Thailand. Maii is also a dedicated student to the legendary Master Pichest Boonthumme. It is preferred in IAH to take the time to treat a condition, therefore, sessions are not counted by the hour as much as specifying an objective and working through it, with no time limit. Tension and relaxation are two polarities feeling is the bridge the allows us to know. Tension is a path to disease while relaxation is a path towards health and vitality. Sometimes that tension is so deep that we don not even recognise it and this is when the skill of the practitioner comes in. Is it from emotion or is it from physical trauma? It is inevitable to investigate as you go through your sessions so that your own awareness assists in your own healing. 

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Appointment Based

Life is the exchange of the external with the internal, it is the relationship between them both that we call life. Traditional Chinese Medicine has been around for thousands of years as a result of studying life, simply put. Theory of Traditional Chinese medicine gets us to become aware that everything is connected within a precise, natural order of things. As nature exists all around us, it also exists within, how attuned are we to that FACT? Traditional Chinese Medicine helps us learn about that. Studying all three levels of being, physical, emotional and spiritual from the perspective of the 3 Jewels theory; Earth, Man and Sky. Man connects heaven and earth, our consciousness is a combination of the two.  We learn about the 5 elements also, the 12 channels, the 8 vessels and thel law of YIN and YANG. Acupuncture points are gateways through which we can regulate flow of Qi through all these systems. Same points can be accessed through pressure (Acupressure) or Resonance techniques, and this is where the term Chinese Energetics comes in. Traditional Chinese Medicine is a whole beautiful world of complexity, however with genuine studying of this knowledge one can realise that it is all simple and in accordance with the totality and wholeness of naturel. 

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Appointment Based

The feet have nerve endings that allow us to to access the whole body. Blockages in the feet can obstruct our connection to the ground and can be a result of poor circulation. Here is a formula to explain how reflexology can change your health and awareness for the better. 


 PAIN: Client has insomnia, it is very hard to sleep and they feel tired when they wake up. Sometimes it is fear, sometimes it is unhealed trauma and suppressed anger. Sometimes it is due to stagnation in various organs or places in the body.

      GAIN: As we progress in therapy, it is clearer to locate where the problem is rising from. Is it too much activity in the heart or the liver or maybe it is due to deficiency in the kidneys. The client is able to pinpoint their imbalance and work with the practitioner to release toxicity in their behavior be it physical or mental. 

    PAIN: Client has anxiety and it is hard to differentiate the reasons behind it. 

    GAIN: The relaxation that Foot Reflexology provides, often helps us surrender to gravity and allow ourselves to feel heavier and hence more grounded. Anxiety is often a symptom that we need to feel grounded. As we relax and trust the flow of life. Our mind can think strategically to serve us in the right direction. 

   PAIN: Difficulty in digestion and menstrual cycles 

   GAIN: Foot Reflexology releases retained fluids and improves circulation relieving dampness that could turn into mucus over time. Dampness can cause a lot of difficulty for Qi and Blood to flow freely, when these fluids circulate in the body, digestion is so much easier and menstruation is healthy.

PAIN: Numbness or pain related to bad circulation 

GAIN: Since we can access all bodily functions through the nerve endings in the foot, we are able to inspire movement into any part of the body that is stagnating further causing pain. Inspiring Qi and blood freely therefore balance out energy flow in the body. 

PAIN: Often one feel down because of being over stimulated yet never take time to recharge

GAIN: Bodily organs store emotions and experiences by releasing those emotions we can feel much lighter, more motivated and a general sensation of well being. This can bring in more gratitude and happiness. When we are happy and relaxed we are vibrant and emitting vitality. 

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